Various Typography

Working with type is hard but worth it because it is true that type can express the the written word.

2016 – 2017

For this project, we had to choose a show we enjoy and create images that relate to a letter in the alphabet and morph the letters into the images. As I was rereading one of my favorite mangas, One Piece, it was an obvious choice.

See the process above and the finished animated piece below.

Zoo Nkauj means "beautiful" in Hmong

Large Scale Typography Project with Kocoa


Take the time to unplug from all the devices around you and do something fun.

Over the course of a week, we cut wires and twisted them together to be about 20ft tall and each letter to be 8ft wide. We used what we had and wrapped each stroke of the letters with party streamers.

Overall, it was a good project.