Reflecting on 2023 and welcoming 2023

Hello everyone!

Since I have not created a set piece of works that is officially complete, I have yet to update. As a portfolio website, I want to present my best work. If you would like to see what I am up to more on consistently, please go follow my social media. I do not post much there but I do post in the stories of Instagram when I am working on things that I can share.

Last year I experimented much more with sublimation and what materials I can sublimate on. From wood puzzles and coasters to metal bookmarks, I loved making simple designs and putting them onto something that will last longer than what I used to make on pieces of paper.

I love making things!

I want to make more!

Please continue to support me and come back to see what I will make in 2023.

Happy to be part of a group that support one another in all of our individual paths in art and the comfort we get along the way 😉 Come and join us on our journey as we start a new adventure together 🥰

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Our mission is to support and promote the work of every member of the collective, as well as provide a platform for artists to grow their potential.

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Experimenting in 2022

What I have been doing these past few months. Some I have posted online via IG stories but most have been kept offline as they are only experiments and not final products.

Last year I made the decision to invest in a Glowforge with my sister's friend and am now part owner of one. Since I now have access to a laser cutter machine of course the first thing I made was a simple coaster with one of my favorite designs. Afterward I felt the need to put more of my art onto physical forms so I dabbled with shrinky dinks for the first in a long time. I made many pin back buttons with my black and white designs on them for my sister to sell as she does conventions and small artist shows. As I have a sublimation printer (an eco-tank that I converted by adding sublimation ink instead of the regular ink), I decided to put my creations onto other forms from t-shirts, mugs, bookmarks, cards, and felt fabric. To make my own stuffed doll, I simply printed and pressed my design onto white felt fabric and sewed it up. I showed it to my mom and she claimed it as her own and now sleeps beside it.

This month I am working on inktober so I will be active on my instagram: @wtoriadraws so please follow me there. Other than that, I will be spending the rest of the year improving on what I have larned to make awesome Christmas presents.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you take the time to learn something new!


Making Mugs :)

For Black Friday this year, I decided to finally give in and buy Cricut's mug press. I love mugs and so does my family. With this purchase, I have one mug with my favorite design pixel pattern that reminds me of my culture and snowflakes. The rest have been gifted away to family. I am excited to share the products in the future. I hope to continue creating in the future and sharing what I love.

Happy Holidays! And to the new year!
Thank you all for your support!


What Have I Been Up To Lately?

Other than the collaborative projects I have been brought on board to, I have been drawing more mandalas in my style. It is an evolution of what my "hmotifs" have become. Creating these have been calming and I will be making more in the future. As to sharing them, please have patience.

I haven't posted the news here but I did make a personal facebook and separate instagram statement on a very personal matter that I will leave there. I will simply state here that I do not post a lot to social media in comparison to my youth. I do check them frequently so if you would like to know more about me, please contact me directly at

Hope you are all having a wonderful start to 2021! Please continue to stay safe and care for one another.


Everyone has very distinct personalities and live up to their name of being Funny Asian Women Kollective. I was commissioned to make their event poster and format them for social media posts.

Interested in the show? Check out their website below:

Making my prints gold.

During the summer I experimented with more heat transfer foils, specifically in the color gold. I really liked it and should probably get a larger laminator in order to make larger prints for myself but I can say that this was a success. I originally designed this back in February to show off for Valentines and intended to use a red foil but I am glad I waited.

I recently transferred my domain back to carbonmade. Since I already had most of my past work here, it made sense to just have it all on here again rather than multiple places. I hope to continue to create more work and put them all here for everyone to see.

Thanks for stopping by!